For the past years we have been working in the field of:

  • Organizing Gallopers Conferences in various academic institutions (Tertiary, SHS, etc)
  • Organizing Gallopers Leadership Trainings
  • Educating the various students on their career choices
  • Giving guidance and counselling to various choices regarding their academics and others
  • Training individuals to become mentors and mentees in diverse fields of profession.

Areas of Interest:

Promoting the aims and purpose of AVI-GALLOPERS and its system in the educational system and other disciplines or professions.

Working in Education, Working with Universities, and other High Schools throughout the world for development and deployment of their Potentials for their better future in Education and other professions.

Areas of interest:

  • Education
  • Mentorship and Career Coaching
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Potential building and deployment
  • Agriculture and Environmental Health
  • Community Development
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